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Rolling Stone Staff

Rolling Stone has been at the forefront of politics, culture, and music journalism for five decades. The publication defined trends in pop music, developed new forms of coverage and platformed some of the most influential storytellers in history.

Gus Wenner, Chief Executive Officer
Noah Shachtman, Editor-in-chief

Sean Woods, Executive Editor
Joseph Hutchinson, Creative Director
Alison Weinflash, Managing Editor
Lisa Tozzi, Digital Director
Christian Hoard, Music Editor
Emma Reeves, Director of Photography and Deputy Creative Director
Kate Storey, Senior Features Editor

Jason Newman, News Director
Patrick Reis, Senior Politics Editor
Elisabeth Garber-Paul, Culture Editor
Simon Vozick-Levinson, Deputy Music Editor
Marlow Stern, Senior Entertainment Editor
David Fear, Entertainment Editor
Kimberly Aleah, Head of Video
Christopher Cruz, Executive Producer (Twitch)
Waiss Aramesh, Director, Social Media
Brenna Ehrlich, Chief Research Editor
Angie Martoccio, Associate Managing Editor

Jeff Ihaza, Senior Music Editor
Julyssa Lopez, Senior Music Editor
Jon Dolan, Reviews Editor
Ryan Bort, Politics Editor
Jodi Guglielmi, Senior News Editor
Althea Legaspi, Senior News Editor

Nancy Dillon, Senior Reporter
Adam Rawnsley, Senior Researcher & Reporter
Asawin Suebsaeng, Senior Politics Reporter
Krystie Yandoli, Senior Entertainment Reporter
Cheyenne Roundtree, Entertainment Investigations Reporter
Nikki McCann-Ramirez, Political News Reporter
Joseph Hudak, Country Editor
Jon Freeman, Country Deputy Editor
David Browne, Senior Writer
Tim Dickinson, Senior Writer
Ej Dickson, Senior Writer
Andy Greene, Senior Writer
Kory Grow, Senior Writer
Brian Hiatt, Senior Writer
Alex Morris, Senior Writer
Brittany Spanos, Senior Writer
Tessa Stuart, Senior Writer
Jeff Goodell, Contributing Writer
Rob Sheffield, Contributing Writer
Alan Sepinwall, Chief TV Critic
Jon Blistein, Staff Writer
Mankaprr Conteh, Staff Writer
Andre Gee, Staff Writer
CT Jones, Staff Writer
Miles Klee, Staff Writer
Daniel Kreps, Staff Writer
Andrea Marks, Staff Writer
Tomás Mier, Staff Writer
Ethan Millman, Staff Writer
Larisha Paul, Staff Writer
Kalia Richardson, Staff Writer
Maya Georgi, Editorial Assistant

Matthew Cooley, Art Director
Toby Fox, Deputy Art Director
John Smith, Production Coordinator
Nicole Thompson, UX Editor
Sacha Lecca, Deputy Photo Editor
Griffin Lotz, Deputy Photo Editor for Digital
Joe Rodriguez, Senior Visuals Editor
Maria-Juliana Rojas, Photo Editor

Tara Reid, Director of Production
Delisa Shannon, Supervising Producer, News
Ilana Woldenberg, Video Producer
Becca Higgins, Senior Producer, Artist Relations

Alex Badia, Fashion Director
Kyle Lamar Rice, Fashion Writer
Jessica Seib, Vice President, Commerce
Sage Anderson, E-commerce Writer
Nishka Dhawan, E-commerce Writer
Oscar Hartzog, E-commerce Writer
John Lonsdale, E-commerce Writer

Leah Lu, Senior Social Media Editor
Peter Wade, Associate Social Media Editor

Jonathan Bernstein, Senior Research Editor
Rick Carp, Research Editor
Meagan Jordan, Research Editor
Chris Kobiella, Copy Editor
Jason Maxey, Copy Editor
Steven Pearl, Copy Editor

Cameron Crowe, Contributing Editor
Raoul Duke, Contributing Editor, Sports
Josh Eells,
Contributing Editor
Mikal Gilmore,
Contributing Editor
Erik Hedegaard,
Contributing Editor
Will Hermes,
Contributing Editor
Seth Hettena,
Contributing Editor
Greil Marcus,
Contributing Editor
Jason Motlagh,
Contributing Editor
Paul Solotaroff,
Contributing Editor
Ralph Steadman,
Contributing Editor, Gardening

Ralph J. Gleason, 1917-1975
Hunter S. Thompson, 1937-2005